The Antique Mall Accounting System - by Programs Plus - Pricing

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Place your order by calling:  800-616-2627  or 281-558-7840.

All systems below include 1 full year of technical support and updates.

Product Description

(US Dollars)

AMAS Consignment - Small Shop - Limited to 25 dealers/consignors (no check printing) 


AMAS Consignment - Small Mall - Limited to 50 dealers/consignors (Includes Check Printing) $749.00
AMAS Consignment - ANY SIZE SHOP - Unlimited Dealers (Includes Check Printing) $1199.00
Upgrade any system above to include Dealer Rent Module $250.00
Upgrade from 25 Dealer to 50 Dealers + Check printing $250.00
Upgrade from 50 dealers to Unlimited Dealers $455.00
AMAS Mall Software - Includes Unlimited dealers, Rent Module and Check Printing $1450.00
Upgrade any of the systems above to network/multi-user version - Limited to 2 Computers 1 $500.00
Upgrade any of the systems above to network/multi-user version - Unlimited computers 1 $750.00
MS-Cash Drawers2 From $225.00
Star Dot-Matrix Receipt Printers (4+ lines/sec) From $250.00
Star Thermal Receipt Printers (30+ Lines/Sec) From $240.00

1 - Single user version license allows installation and use on a single CPU/computer only.  Any number of users/employees may use the single computer.
Multi-user version allows installation on a network in a single store location.  Multi-user version requires networking two or more computers using Network Interface Cards in each PC and setting up network connections in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. (Professional versions for networking) .
You may upgrade from Single-user to a 2 Computer Network version for $499.
You may upgrade from Single-user to Multi-user AMAS by paying an upgrade fee of $750.  
Program updates easily and users do not need to be re-trained.  Users will not notice any changes. 

2 - Most MS-Cash Drawers are available as a Counter-top version that most people place their monitor on top of.  You may also order your drawer in smaller Under-Counter version that is about 4.5 inches shorter.
    Counter-Top Dimensions: 18.8"W x 19.7"L x 3.94"H
    Under Counter Dimensions: 18.8"W x 15.2"L x 3.94"H

Programs Plus+ (800) 616-2627  (281) 558-7840