Programs Plus+ Technical Support Policy

Antique Mall Accounting System (AMAS)  (Revised May 2003) 

Programs Plus+ provides technical support/assistance via telephone, e-mail, mail or fax for a period of one year from the license date-of-purchase at no additional cost as outlined below. 

Software updates and fixes will be provided during the covered period..   Customers may receive also versions/updates during this period.  You will be provided one manual with your initial license or software maintenance renewal.  Additional or updated manuals may be purchased for a nominal charge. 

Support Coverage:
Programs Plus+ will provide technical assistance for AMAS software installation, initial setup, trouble shooting problems with the AMAS software, and general guidance in the operation of the AMAS software. 

Support Exclusions:
The following areas are excluded from normal or included technical support. If Programs Plus + provides help or assistance in any of the following areas, you may be subject to technical support charges at $125.00/Hour, with a $90.00 Minimum: 


Problems diagnosed as hardware, network or operating system related.


Installation or setup of Cash Drawers, Receipt Printers, Bar Code Scanners or other Point-of-Sale type equipment purchased by customer from 3rd party sources.


Problems related to other software products.


Training/orientation for additional persons after the original Key Contact.


Problems caused by configuration changes not directly related to operating AMAS software, such as changes to the CONFIG.SYS file when installing another software package.


 Assistance with Quickbooks or Peachtree Accounting or other software which may be linked to the AMAS system (such as sending check information to Quickbooks). 


Assistance in exporting data from AMAS is included as supported software. 

Key Support Contact:
Customer shall designate one person within their organization as a Key Contact.  Your Key Contact should be a full-time employee/partner and is most familiar with your computer system and the AMAS software.  Technical support will be provided on a limited basis to other members of your organization. 

Maintenance Renewal:
In order for Programs Plus+ to continue providing technical support and software updates after the first year, you must pay an Annual Software Maintenance Fee.  The current annual fee (and for the last 13 years) is $300.00 for a single-user and $400.00 for the network /Multi-user versions. 

If you do not renew your Annual Maintenance/Support within 30 days of expiration, you will incur a late renewal penalty of $100 in order to re-activate your support.  If you choose not to renew, there will be a charge of $125 per hour for ALL support calls with a $90 Minimum.   Unless we agree to special arrangements, all support charges must be paid by credit card. 

Contacting Programs Plus+ for Support:

  1. Print screen any error messages if applicable.

  2. Please call from a phone close to your computer with your computer turned on.

  3. Have other relevant information handy if needed, such as reports documenting the problem.      

  4. Please be prepared to spend the time necessary to deal with the problem when you call.

  5. Call Programs Plus Technical Support @ (800) 616-2627  or  (281) 558-7840

  6. Standard Technical Support Hours 10AM - 5PM CDT Mon-Fri.

  7. Extended Support Hours for Urgent Matters 9AM - 8PM, 7 Days a week. 

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