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The Antique Mall Accounting System - by Programs Plus - What is AMAS?

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The Antique Mall Accounting System was first installed in Houston in 1985. Since then, our user base has expanded to over 45 states and several Canadian provinces. Our software can be spotted in antique malls, flea markets, consignment stores, craft malls, design centers and auction houses.

In a nutshell, AMAS was designed to perform these major tasks:

bulletEnter multiple dealer items from multiple dealers on one customer ticket.
bulletProvide dealers a neat detailed settlement report as needed (Monthly, weekly or any period you specify).
bulletCut Dealer Checks with summary stub.
bulletProvide daily sales activity reports for the mall and as requested by dealers.
bulletMaintain customer mailing lists.

How does AMAS differ from other accounting or Point-of-Sale Systems:

bulletWe do not require inventory to be defined. It's totally optional. You can even require valid items numbers for some dealers (such as yourself) and not others.
bulletWe DO NOT REQUIRE FORMS. With the exception of checks, special forms are not required. You can use almost any Business Style check. WE do offer a special invoice form, but you have 3 other formless options.
bulletCustomer numbers are not required, or they may be. It's up to you. (Customer numbers ARE required for layaway purchases).
bulletEnter multiple dealer items from multiple dealers on one customer ticket.
bulletThe ability to deduct commissions, advertising, rent, credit card fees and taxes from the dealer's settlement check.
bulletMultiple item, multiple dealer layaway sales are no more difficult to enter than a normal sales invoice.
bulletWe offer tremendous flexibility within our invoicing and reporting. Our system parameters offer over 150 setup options that allow you to make invoicing and reporting more efficient to your way of operating.
bulletChange ANY line item or invoice option up until the invoice is saved. You may still correct line items up until the time the dealer is paid-out for the invoice.
bulletEasily change invoice date now or later on.
bulletSimply Reprint any Invoice ticket.
bulletYou may modify Invoices and Layaway tickets up until the time the dealer (on the ticket) has been paid. Layaway tickets cannot be modified once a second payment has been entered.
bulletSince the Settlement process can generate hundreds dealer pages, we have developed procedures where you may process tickets for all or selected dealers, review on the screen before printing, print any dealer statement, and deduct rent and advertising when & where desired. Our settlement procedures should save hundreds of pages, not to mention the hours it takes to re-print reports when the printers jams before the processing has finished. You may also re-print settlement reports from prior periods.
bulletIn case you find errors on settlements after printing checks, you may void settlements and checks, make certain corrections and re-process.
bulletThe settlement process is VERY FAST (1-2 minutes on average to process 2000 tickets on a Pentium 3 Computer). Settlement report printing times will vary widely based on your printer's speed.
bulletYou can track dealer rents and advertising and deduct dealer rent balances from their settlement checks if desired (some you may, some you may not).
bulletAutomatically switch between regular Invoices & Layaways.
bulletChoose from several different invoice formats to meet your budget, printer or desired image.
bulletMultiple-Tender transactions allow you to accept several forms of payment against a single invoice.
bulletBar Code scanning - Only if you want.
bulletInterfaces with computer cash drawers & receipt printers.

We always ask our prospective customers how much time they spend calculating and creating dealer statements each month. Our consensus is that most efficient manual operations spend about 15-20 hours per pay period. Some tell us as much as 40 hours per pay period. We seldom see manual operations pay more frequently than once a month. Because our settlement process is so quick and painless, some of our customers pay their dealers weekly.

Depending on the accuracy of your check out personnel, frequency of miss-tagged items, etc., Settlements should not take more than 1-2 hours of manual intervention per pay period. Misstated items can easily be corrected using the invoice edit option. Dealer rents can optionally (by dealer) be deducted from the settlement report (checks). Any dealer shortages, remains in the rental system to be picked by subsequent dealer checks or held over till the next settlement.

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